About Us

Our owner, Susan Clark, began her grooming career in 1996. During her time in the industry, she has taken all of the training opportunities available to her. She has set out to work with the best of the best and to take as many seminars as possible to learn all that she can about the world of pet grooming. Every groomer she has worked with has taught her something, and she always strives to improve her skills because she feels that no matter how good you are at something, you can always do better. 

Susan’s motto is that “good enough” never is, and this has helped to steadily improve her skills throughout her 20-year career. She has previously worked at Eldorado Animal Hospital, which taught her to work with senior and medically challenged pets. She has also challenged herself to learn how to do style grooms and to learn all of the standard grooms for various breeds. Additionally, she recently completed certification with the International Professional Grooming Association as a certified professional groomer and is now pursuing the rare certification of a master groomer. She is also certified in pet CPR and first aid so that she is ready no matter what emergency may arise. Her specialty and her goal is to find a grooming style that fits the lifestyle of both the owner and the pet.

Established in 2016.

The Pampered Pet was originally located in Venus de Fido. Over time, the owners of Venus de Fido decided to change the company’s business plan and transform it into Venus Health and Wellness Spa, thus discontinuing all pet services. 

Susan Clark longed to continue offering wonderful pet grooming services, and took the business to a new location and named it The Pampered Pet.  She continues to follow the original vision of Venus de Fido by volunteering to groom the pets that have been rescued by the shelter, Loving All Animals. She believes and proves that a simple pet grooming goes a long way in shortening the turnaround time for pet adoption.

Susan now has 22 years of experience grooming in the Coachella Valley. When the opportunity came for her to open a shop where she could put her customers first and rescue animals, she knew it was a perfect fit. She wants her customers to know that every dollar you spend at The Pampered Pet will help to rescue pets in need, as well as provide top-line grooming services that your pet deserves.