Dog Grooming

Whether you need upscale grooming to perfect your pooch's fur coat, or just a quick bath to clean off the mud, you and your dog will both benefit from our gentle grooming services. Our dog goorming services include washes, rinses, shampooing, conditioning, shed removal, nail trims, gland secretions, and ear clening. We do our best to provide a stress free enviornment for your pet. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule a dog grooming appointment with us in Palm Desert, CA.

Fur Trim

At The Pampered Pet, we offer a wide range of fur trim options and styling services customized specifically to fit your pet's needs. Some of our services include poodle cuts, lion mane trimming, full haircuts, fuzz control, and more. Our number one mission is to get your pet looking stylish and adorable, no matter their size, shape, or type of fur. We offer both walk-ins and appointment bookings for quick and professional fur trimmings, and we look forward to giving your pet a new, beautiful look. Contact us today to schedule your pet’s fur trim in or around the Coachella Valley.

Pet Baths

Are you having trouble (or failing at) trying to give your dog or cat a bath at home? Save yourself the mess and stress, and bring your pet to our spa instead. We provide warm, relaxing pet baths with quality, pet-safe shampoo and coat-treatment products to make sure your pet is bathed in luxury. All of our bathing services are performed by our friendly groomers who are licenced and trained to handle pets of all sizes and breeds. If you are looking for high-quality pet bathing services in or around Palm Desert, then contact The Pampered Pet today.

Nail Trim

You chose to show your pet immense kindness by not having him or her declawed. Though, now you may be dealing with endless scratches, risks to your floors and furniture, or uncomfortable at-home trimming sessions. Don’t let that be the case! Instead, let experts at The Pampered Pet give your pet a relaxing "paw-decure." In a low-stress environment, we will trim and file your pet's claws down farther than most pet owners are able to cut on their own, all without hurting your beloved furry baby. For a safe and professional nail trimming service for your pet in Palm Desert, call our team today.

Spa Services: Madra Mor

This luxurious spa service includes a full body massage for your dog in a spa mud bath. Madra Mor has four types of mud: one that gives the ultimate treatment for shedding, one to repair damaged skin and heal hot spots, one to help invigorate and ease arthritic pain, and one to cure dry, itchy skin and pest irritations. Madra Mor mud will detoxify your dog’s fur and skin, and leave them better prepared to fight off infections, pests, flakiness, and more. We all want what is best for our furry friends, so be sure to consider a Madra Mor spa service during your dog’s next grooming session. Contact us today for details, or to schedule a spa service for your dog in or around Palm Desert, California.

Cat Grooming

It's no secret that cats are not fans of water. Instead of suffering through scratches, thrashing, and heartbreaking whines every time you need to give Fluffy a bath, bring your feline friend to The Pampered Pet, and let us handle the rest. We strive every day to provide comfortable service to all the cats that we groom, with all the attention, affection, and tasty treats that they deserve. We offer a variety of cat grooming services, such as baths, specialized cuts, flea treatments, hygienic shaves, and more. If you live in or around Palm Desert and you want to groom your kitty, then look no further than The Pampered Pet. Contact us today to schedule your session.

Doggy Daycare

Finding a quality dog sitter nowadays is tough. When you bring your dog into The Pampered Pet, you can trust that they are well looked after. While you go out for lunch or work your pet is being monitored at all times and getting plenty of attention and affection. During your dog’s time with us, we will play, eat, walk, and enjoy all the things that doggies love! Our technicians are certified and well-trained to look after dogs of all breeds and sizes. We look forward to meeting you and your furry friend, so contact The Pampered Pet today for your one-stop shop for a doggy daycare and other pet services in and around Palm Desert.